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June 23, 2011 by globz

Bitcoin a virtual anonymous currency, recently became the target of Malware authors. This trojan infostealer.Coinbit will search for wallet.dat and then upload it via ftp. The attacker will then be able to spend all of your bitcoins.

This is only the start of what’s to come, I predict a much more widespread attack of this genre in the near future. This is why Bitcoin users and especially the one who are holding a large amount of coins need to worry about this issue and take every possible measures to secure their transactions environment.

The recent events gave me the idea to create BitVault LiveCD, with this LiveCD you will be able to do Bitcoin Transactions, chat on IRC, surf the web anonymously and soon to be able to use the OpenVPN client. Inside this secure environment, everything will be loaded inside your RAM and by using the BitVault Wizard you will be guided in the installation of the Bitcoin client and the process of decryption of your TrueCrypt container.

If you wish to read more about BitVault and download your copy please click here.



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