Bruises or Agony
A.K.A the game of shields

What the f*ck
This is a strategy/idle game with a touch of luck added in the mix...ermm it is a kind of experimental game (still in developement)

What's the goal
You must craft yourself a shield and figure out how to survive... - more details

How to play
You must gather souls by completing challenges, each challenges requires a certain amount of souls to let you complete it.
The further you advance through each tiers the challenges will become harder and the reward bigger; various tricks, spells, enchantments, rites and items will be available to you to make it all easier or you can simply let your luck play a bigger role and quickly win the game but the tradeoff is the risk of breaking your shield permanently!

Craft your own shield and weapon; discover crafting recipes; experiment different builds and playstyle; participate in PVP by challenging other players; aim for the highscores and unlock secret content;hire a slave and let him do the dirty work for you; go in idle mode while your slave is inside the abyss of the mines gathering shiny loots; and much more!

Version 1.0