Account FAQ

Q-Why should I register?!
A-You can still use this website without ever creating an account but owning a TokenID will let you do the following :

Feature implemented ()
Feature not yet implemented ()

Reserve a unique username
Link your Gravatar to your account
Enable/Disable parsers
Bind contribution links to your account
Browse the contribution database
Earn contribution points and titles

Q-I have a TokenID in my possession now what?!
A-Its time to celebrate!!! (only cool kids possess TokenID) - Please safely store your TokenID!

Q-How do I login?
A-Now that you are registered you can proceed to the login page and simply enter your freshly created TokenID and solve your reCAPTCHA!

Q-What the fuck?! I don't have to enter my passphrase?
A-No! By default the quick login feature is enabled and does not ask for your passphrase!

Q-How is this secure?
A-TokenID are unique and treated like a password but they still can be guessed this is why reCAPTCHA is in place to put a "brake" on guessing and various security features are in place server side and inside your account settings under the security tab which let you enable more protection layers if you ever feel the need.

Q-Why going for less security from the get go?
A-There's is no sensitive information tied to any accounts so if someone were to break into an account it would be completely useless to the attacker! I also wanted a quick way for users to login and contribute, if you really care about your account take a look at the security settings.

Q-Which security features are in place under my account settings?
A-The following security features are currently in place ; AAP (Always Ask for Passphrase) & BULL (Block Unrecognized Login Location)

Q-Always Ask for Passphrase?
A-Yes! If you feel the need you can disable the quick login feature which require only a valid TokenID and revert back to the classic authentication system of TokenID + Passphrase!

Q-Blocking Unrecognized Login Location?
A-Enabling this feature will take your current logged in location informations and store this data inside your own whitelist, the next time you login from a location not present on your whitelist the system will ask you to enter your recovery email address, Passphrase & Account creation date in order to authenticate yourself with the server, once logged in you will have the option to add/revoke this location.

Q-What about my recovery email?
A-This email is needed if you ever forget your TokenID or if you enable the feature "Block unrecognized login location" I also made sure to censor the email address tied to the recovery system so if someone were to break into your account it would be near impossible to guess!

Q-How do I bind contribution link to my account?
A-Sign in to your account and whenever you are using the contribution system every links you submit will be tagged with your username. Anonymous contribution will show up as follow on the result page : - [Anonymous]

Q-How do I link my Gravatar email to my account?
A-Inside your account settings find the Avatar section then simply enter your Gravatar email and your Avatar will show up! Currently this is the only way of uploading an avatar, if you do not own a Gravatar account you can sign up here!

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