The octopus is a tool built to facilitate the discovery of underground artists and a simple way to find quickly relevant links.
This is a side project of mine, it is a way for me to improve my programming skills by doing something useful for me and my friends,
there's no advertising for this tool so it will pretty much always stay underground and I want to keep it this way.

Here's a little rundown on how the octopus process your queries, there is no active crawling seeking for new artists therefore every bands
are manually submitted and if your query is accepted by the [Janitor] it will be added to the underground sea database. I created a 'bouncer'
who refer as the [Janitor] and his role is to check your query against a blacklist of mainstream artists, if there's a match your search query
will end and if there's no match your query will go through and then each parsers will submit your query to their respective database, finally
the octopus will scrape url's from each parsers results and display everything under a single page. The results page will mostly consist of
download/buy/video/interviews/upcoming concerts links from multiple major music websites, some of the links are also from independent blogs which all have the common goal
of sharing underground music to the one who seeks it. The other part of the links are from 'file lockers' and will mostly contain full albums. Yes, there's some 'illegal' links in there
but let me tell you this, I trust your good judgment to support your favorite artists and if you want to keep discovering new stuff
you better give them some money! I've always been a huge supporter of underground bands and I am always in search of new sounds,
I also believe that sharing their music with more people will only benefit them in the end, mainstream artists get way too much
exposure and it sucks.

If you wish to contribute, you can initiate a new search request and if your query is valid the band name will be stored inside the underground
sea database, by doing this each users can browse the database and discover a new band and in return you get to discover all the links related to this artist.
The other option is to submit new relevant links with a valid band name by using the contribution system, you can either submit new links for existing bands
in this case please consider using the autocomplete feature which will make sure to use the exact same band name from the database or you can simply submit new bands
and links (example; you could submit your own band & links) please keep in mind that each submitted links and bands are reviewed and may get removed if necessary.

You can easily browse the underground sea database by clicking Discover on the front page and selecting a letter from the dropdown menu
then the octopus will send your query to the underground sea database, for example if you pick A* the query will return all bands with the first
letter A by using a wildcard -Then you can click a result to iniate a search request. You can also search by symbols, numbers and #tags!

This is my little contribution to the underground scene and I know the octopus is probably being used only by my close friends but if you are
a complete stranger I hope you understand and appreciate what I am doing, if not you can always close this page!

Want to read the gangsta slang version from Gizoogle? enjoy.

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