The Unfriendly Malware Removal Toolkit

'Project Name : Kitty Bomber BootCD

Latest update : October 13th, 2011

Version : 2.0

Download : Source code / ISO BootCD

For more information about the latest updates/features please read Kittyinfo
Latest Kittyinfo : here

'Description :

I started coding this software a while back because I found it long and tedious to remove all kinds of Malware on Windows XP || Vista so I came to the conclusion that I should create a toolkit with all my favorite apps bundled under one BootCD, from this day I started to add multiple functionalities and implemented several ways to counter all kinds of Virus and Malware, the name of the game is to get the job done as fast as possible with the most efficient result. Using this toolkit will make you save a lot of time while cleaning computers and hopefully you can contribute to this project by emailing me ideas to implement inside Kitty Bomber BootCD.

'Method of Work :

You can do a lot of work with this toolkit and there is several ways and steps to take before solving a problem. I will not go into details on how to use each available tools but I will rather give you some guide lines. First of all, if you cannot install nor launch any applications from Windows, you will have to boot up in MiniXP and then from there you can connect to the internet and launch different tools to cure the pc. You can access the infected HDD and manually delete any files who could cause such lock up inside Windows. Once you are done with this step, you can boot inside Windows and then execute the needed tools to finish the cleaning. You can successfully clean a PC only by using MiniXP or by using Kitty Bomber inside the infected Windows but the true power of this toolkit is to mix both methods together so you can truly witness the adaptability of this toolkit and experience the speed at which you can regain control of an heavily infected computer.

'Framework :

I am using grub4dos as my boot menu and I edited minixp to make it load all the needed tools to clean and backup computer files and registry. I coded the Windows Launcher in VB and linked all the applications inside the launcher, most applications are compressed in UHA format and are launched with a batch file.

'Disclaimer :

I would like to mention that every application packaged inside Kitty Bomber BootCD are 100% freeware and they haven’t been altered in any way. You are using the original product and you can find the website for each application inside [kittyinfo.txt] & [HOWTO.pdf] The only step which has been altered is the process of launching the application, since they are linked with Kitty Bomber Windows Launcher or MiniXP there has to be a way to communicate with the application which is either done via a batchfile or hardcoded inside the Windows Launcher. If you wish to see your application get added/removed from my toolkit, please email me.

'Windows Launcher :

'Boot Menu :

'MiniXP :