About my projects


This work is purely done as a hobby and nothing here should be considered as "professional" material. There is no warranty whatsoever on any of my software/toolkit/code, you should always take the time to fully understand the risks and impact before using anything from this website.

Most of my projects will be updated on a regular basis if necessary and if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me.

' Kitty Bomber BootCD

This is a BootCD mainly useful for removing Virus/Malware, you can boot in MiniXP or use the Windows Launcher to execute different tools, from deep analyzing to removing tools you can clean a PC in a very short amount of time with a high chance of success.

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' Worm.BAT.Autorun Remover

This is a simple script (batch file) which clean PC infected by Worm.BAT.Autorun

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' ps-monitor

Powershell monitoring tool

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